Flood Potential and Mitigation

Flood Monitoring – Emergency Alerts

City of Flagstaff: Precipitation/Flood Potential Monitors

The City of Flagstaff operates a small network of radio-telemetered gauges in the Dry Lake Hills area that transmit rainfall and stream flow information in real-time. This network can send emergency alerts via text messaging and/or email for heavy rainfall events. Sign up to receive these alerts at this link. Visit site

Coconino County Flood Monitors (Shultz and Museum Fire scars)

Four camera gauges operated by Coconino County in the Schultz and Museum Fire scar areas. Continuous data from the alert one network can be found on the County rain gauge website. Visit site

Arizona Flood Warning System

The Arizona Flood Warning System provides real-time hydro-meteorological data and products available to the public. Visit site

AZ ESF/RSF Operations DashBoard

Central dashboard for all current events requring state and county-level emergency management. Includes National Weather Service flood indicators: high water level river stages and observed flooding. Visit site


Relays information about rehabilitation/fire recovery efforts and the potential for post-fire effects such as flooding, mudslides, wind events/down dead trees, etc. Visit site

Flood Mitigation

Coconino County Museum Fire Preparedness and Mitigation Guide

Coconino County provides guidance on actions, resources, and mitigation activities for residents in areas with increased flood risk after the Museum Fire. Much of this information is relevant more broadly for anyone concerned about post-fire flood risk in Coconino County. Visit site

City of Flagstaff: Are You Ready for Monsoon Season?

The City of Flagstaff provides resources and information to help residents identifiy steps they can take to keep their household safe during monsoon season, particularly in neighborhoods where post-fire flood risk is present upslope. Visit site


Private Wells After the Fire

Provides actions you can take to ensure that your well water is safe to drink after a wildfire. Visit site